Health care to the destitute, the catastrophe afflicted and the poor families

The Dina Foundation ambulance on Zanzibar, in Tanzania.

Health care to the destitute, the catastrophe afflicted and the poor families

Surgical treatment of sexually abused girls in Congo

A great number of the girls we help in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are in need of surgical treatment at a hospital because their assailants have pushed physical objects into their victims. The victims are children from 2 years and up. The Dina Foundation partners with the world-known Dr. Denis Mukwege, the founder of Panzi hospital in Bukavu and also a doctor there. He is now among the world’s leading experts on how to heal the inner, physical injuries caused by gang rape and he has also received several awards for his work. As we partner with this hospital we offer the best possible treatment to our girls. At our centers the girls are followed-up, given access to psychological help to work through their traumas and lawyers so they can process their case.

Dr. Denis Mukwege was among the guests on a Scandinavian renowned talk-show named Skavlan in October 2014. - See the interview here.

A mobile clinic on Zanzibar

The mobile clinic run by The Dina Foundation on Zanzibar visits villages on a weekly basis, offering free health checks and free medicine. The public healthcare available to the islands 1.3 million inhabitants is very limited. The poor families on the island are suffering the most under this system. In average 300 patients are treated at our clinic each week. Common diseases are HIV/ AIDS, malaria, and diarrhea. Those in need of additional help get this from a doctor who runs a public clinic. He is also the team leader when they are on the road. The majority of the expenses connected to operation this clinic is being covered by Operation Blessing.

Photos of the project

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  • Poor on Zanzibar is assisted by The Dina Foundation mobile clinic on the island. Photography: Nathalie Edvardsen.
  • The Dina Foundation offices in Zanzibar. Photography: Nathalie Edvardsen.
  • Jackson drives The Dina Foundation mobile ambulance on Zanzibar. Photography: Nathalie Edvardsen.