Poor children are given an education

Two girls at the school in Goma, DR Congo.

Poor children are given an education

Children are being schooled thought the work of The Dina Foundation. Education gives the children knowledge so that they in turn may avoid poverty, stay healthy, and have hope for their future.

At the Dina center in the DRC girls get to start a 12-year schooling program from age 5, depending on when they come to the center.  They go through 6 years of elementary schooling and 6 years of secondary schooling. They learn French, English, mathematic, chemistry, geography, history, social studies, and more. The Dina Foundation has started two schools to provide our girls with their 12-year education. In addition they are trained in using a sowing machine and a computer, and all this equips them for finding a good job in their future.

The Dina Foundation runs a school in the deep woods of Eastern Congo for 350 pygmy children. This school is helped founded by the employees at Mondena Fliser, this is a company that sells tiles in Kristiansand, Norway. The pygmies are a vulnerable people being persecuted by different groups. In Eastern Congo the pygmies have suffered greatly under the war ravaging within the country. Many are killed and many chased from their settlements. The Dina Foundation has bought a whole mountain where there have been established new settlements for pygmies that have been fleeing for years.

There have been build two elementary schools and two secondary schools by The Dina Foundation in Burundi. They hold a total of 2.100 students. Two of these schools have been build founded by the employees at Modena Fliser in Kristiansand Norway. Founding from the government operates them now.

Through our «sponsor a child-program» 250 Indian children are given an education.

Schools started by The Dina Foundation:

  • The Dina Center in Goma, DRC
  • The Dina Center in Bukavu, DRC
  • The Dina School in Masisi, DRC
  • The Dina School in Cankuzo, Burundi (government operates the school)
  • The Dina School in Gitega, Burundi (government operates the school)

Images of the schools:

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  • The school in Gitega, in Burundi. Photographer: Geir Egeland.
Runes mountain in Masisi, DRC. Photographer: Nathalie Edvardsen.
Pygmy Children at school in Masisi, DRC. Photoprapher: Nathalie Edvardsen.
  • The school in Goma, DRC. Photographer: Rune Edvardsen.
  • The schoolchildren in Cankuzo, Burundi. Photographer: The Dina Foundation.
  • Orphaned children at school in Hyderabad, India. Photographer: Nathalie Edvardsen.
  • Rape victims receive education in Goma, DR Congo. Photographer: David Darg.
  • The school in Masisi, DRC. Photographer: Nathalie Edvardsen.
Children read in school books. Photographer: The Dina Foundation.