What we do

Rune Edvardsen, the founder and head of The Dina Foundation retrieves raped girls of Congo's forests.

Sexually abused girls in the DRC

1.100 women and girls, even infants, are being sexually abused in the Democratic Republic of the Congo each day. There are numerous of girls in need of help and care this very moment.

In the most war-ravaged areas The Dina Foundation has established two centers for girls who have been sexually abused. In these two places 270 girls receive help, care, and a new beginning. The Dina Foundation is their only hope and opportunity and the foundation desires to expand one of the centers so that even more girls may receive the necessary help.

The plot where The Dina Foundation will build a vocational training center for boys and girls.

Vocational training for boys and girls on Zanzibar

On the exotic island of Zanzibar many children are abandoned. Therefore the foundation has used of our means to buy a property where we have started building a vocational training center for boys and girls.

Orphan girl in India.

Children at orphanages in India

The Dina Foundation helps hundreds of orphan and poor children in India. These children live in orphanages run by the local organization «Manna Ministries» and are supported through The Dina Foundation’s «sponsor a child» program.

Two girls at the school in Goma, DR Congo.

3000 poor children are given an education

The Dina Foundation has established several schools as a means to give children an education. Here the children obtain knowledge that in turn may help the avoid poverty, stay healthy, and have hope for their future.

The Dina Foundation ambulance on Zanzibar, in Tanzania.

Health care to the destitute, the catastrophe afflicted and the poor families

The Foundation provides support to:

  • Sexually abused children and women in need of surgical help following sexual violence
  • A hospital in Eastern Congo
  • A mobile clinic on Zanzibar
  • Two clinics in Indonesia
Leprous man expressing his gratitude to The Dina Foundation

Lepers in India

People suffering leprosy are often shunned by the society, resulting in a very difficult situation where they have no possibility of maintaining their financial status. The Dina Foundation partners with a local organization that works among the victims of this disease.

Rune Edvardsen, the head of The Dina Foundation.

Peace work

The Dina Foundation runs an ongoing peace work in war-torn areas and facilitates conflict solving between opposing groups.