Leprosy infected in Hyderabad

Many taboos are linked to leprosy, and the victims often experience ending up as outcasts. As a result of this, maintaining the financial living standard they once had becomes very difficult for the infected.

Hundreds of thousands of Indians are infected by the disease each year. Leprosy is a chronic infection, particularly affecting the skin and nerves. The infection can be treated, but the sequelas are chronic.

Worldwide the disease has decreased dramatically during the past 30-40 years. Intensive tracing of patients and better drug therapy are the reason for this. Today 65 percent of the people getting infected by leprosy are in India.

The Dina Foundation has partnered with a local organization that runs an ongoing work among the victims of the disease. Weekly between 100 and 150 leprosy infected people from the poor sub-districts of Hyderabad receive food from the foundation.


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