The hospital in Kititu

This 120-bed hospital is the only healthcare offered in an area with a population of 126,000. Today 30 employees are helping 300 patients each month, or 15 patients a day.
There is a maternity ward, an X-ray facility, operating rooms, surgery, and medicines in this hospital. There is also a children’s section that treats many handicapped children, and where malnourished children  are given food and medical treatment.

During the war it was impossible to gather the population for vaccinations, resulting in polio epidemics. This sickness often leads to paralysis of the legs, leaving the children ignored and crawling around in the village on all fours. When the legs are straightened by plastering or surgery at a center in Bukavu, these children can learn to walk again using crutches. Education has also been denied most of these children. So when back home from Bukavu, these children are taken good care of, receiving rehabilitation, food and education. The cost of surgery, rehabilitation, food, and transportation amounts to USD 400 a child. In addition there is a monthly cost of about USD 1.50 for education including food, uniform, and materials.

The hospital also helps orphan children and children of rape victims with education. Lots of IDPs are in this category, but unfortunately the resources at our disposal are limited and we can’t help everyone yet.