200 polio sick children walk after treatment

- I would just like to extend a heartfelt thank you for all you have done for the hospital in Kitutu over the last three years, says Gerd Mjelde. She is a missionary and the supervisor for this hospital that was built by the Pentecostal mission in Norway.

It was in 2011 that The Dina Foundation had a chance to visit the only local hospital in this region. The hospital was in desperate need of more support, and The Dina Foundation committed to helping them on a monthly basis. The hospital serves a community of over 133 000 people with only 120 beds.

But the hospital also has a department that provides care for disabled children. During the recent war in Congo, it was impossible to gather any crowds for vaccination, and polio epidemics ravaged the population. Polio leads to partial paralysis in the legs, and the children will often be found crawling around their village on all four.

- We are now building a center for disabled children with delayed injuries from polio. Until now we have successfully managed to get over 200 «crawling» children back on their feet so they can attend school. Not a small miracle for them, adds Gerd Mjelde.

With proper training, surgery and assistive devices many children manage to walk again. One of them is four-year-old Jordan, who was struck by polio. By training up his muscles with the correct aid, he was able to take a few steps by himself after only 6 months.

- Now I thank God that he can move around and play with his friends, says Jordan’s mother.

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