20 000 have already been helped at Zanzibar

The island of Zanzibar is part of Tanzania and known for tourism and beautiful beaches. Completely forgotten when splitting the cake of benefits from tourism are the multitudes of poor people on the island. The public health care offered to the islands 1,3 million inhabitants are in tragic conditions and a huge problem for the locals. Last year The Dina Foundation started a relief project targeting this problem.

Every week a clinical team from The Dina Foundation travels to new villages, offering free health checks to the poor people of the island. This team comprise of three doctors, four nurses, and five office workers. Many people suffer from HIV / Aids or malaria, and everyone in need of more help are followed up by a clinic run by the state.

More than 40 villages have had this mobile clinic visiting since its start in October of 2013. With an average of 300 patients being helped at each place, it gives an estimate of 20 000 people helped all together.

Our goal now is to start something new called «Community Building» where the aim is to train the local community to take care of its one. 99 per cent of the inhabitants on the island are Muslims, and their tradition allows polygamy. As a result of multiple wives there are lots of divorces, leading to large numbers of children without a home and a family. The workers of The Dina Foundation have already met thousands of children with no place to stay and no one to take care of them. And in the future we desire to build a vocational training center for these children.