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«When I look down the street in this village, all I can see is poverty, need, and hopelessness,» says Rune Edvardsen. During a recent visit to the island known for its exotic spices and luxurious resorts, an extraordinary story unfolded. The Dina Foundation has now taken on a new project to build a vocational training center for boys and girls on Zanzibar.

According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child all children have the right to protection, food, healthcare, education, and to partake in the society. This is not the case for all of India’s children.

Albino woman in Burundi.

Having the albino syndrome may be fatal due to superstition. Many albinos in Burundi and Tanzania fear for their lives.

It is March 8th and we’re celebrating International Women’s Day. Today we turn the spotlight on the situation for the women of India. Did you know that millions of Indian baby girls are killed, only for being a girl? Or that every 20th minute an Indian woman is raped?