The Mobile Clinic at Zanzibar

The island is a part of Tanzania and is known for tourism and beautiful beaches. The numerous poor people are often forgotten and they have no benefits of the tourism. The healthcare offered to the 1.3 million inhabitants is tragic.

A clinical team from The Dina Foundation, comprising of three medical doctors, four nurses, and five office workers, travels to new villages every week, offering free healthcare to the island’s poor population.

At each place visited, about 350 patients are treated. Many of them are victims of HIV/AIDS or malaria. A doctor in charge of a government-run clinic follows up those in need of more extensive treatment. The same doctor is leading the mobile clinic team.

Operation Blessing supports the Mobil Clinic at Zanzibar financially.

The Dina Foundation desires to contribute to peace and reconciliation between religious groups. The clinical team is comprised of members from different religions. Their help to the poor will in turn impact peace between religious groups.