About Dina

How a little girl became the rescue for hundreds of girls

The Dina Foundation was founded in 2004. It all started in August of 2002 as the founder, Rune Edvardsen, was on a journey in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Edvardsen met a woman and her 2-year-old daughter named Dina. Dina’s mother had witnessed the raping of her daughter by soldiers. Edvardsen got involved, and a home for raped girls was built. It was named The Dina Center and, as a result, the foundation was later founded.

The Dina Foundation has become the rescue for hundreds of girls who have been victims of one of the war's brutalities. Today, the foundation helps 270 raped girls at two centers in eastern DRC. The girls move out when they are old enough to fend for themselves, giving the centers the opportunity to help new girls. The Dina Foundation is working to expand one of the centers in order to make room for more girls.

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The Dina Foundation works with the following visions:

All children have the right to security, protection, care and respect in accordance with the UN Convention and other human rights conventions.

All people have an inviolable value.

The Dina Foundation shall work actively to provide children and adults the help they need in the areas of focus for The Dina Foundation.

The Dina Foundation shall make a difference in many people's lives every year.

The Dina Foundation’s main objectives are therefore to:

  • provide security, care and protection for children, especially in war-torn / disaster-stricken areas.
  • initiate and participate in programs, projects and processes aimed at improving the living conditions and living standards for populations in developing countries, ensure basic human rights and promote peace and reconciliation.
  • give humanitarian aid to refugees, disaster victims and others in need - regardless of race, nationality, political opinion or religion.
  • perform information activities in Norway about people in distress, affliction causes and destitute human resources showing how people in Norway can help to alleviate distress.
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